Automatic Driving Instructors

We only teach Automatics, infact, we’re passionate about them!
We believe that today’s modern, safe, fuel efficient Automatics are the future.

Automatic Are More Fuel Efficient!

Petrol / Diesel / Hybrid / Electric.With Computerised Fuel, Transmission And Engine Management Modern Automatics Are Often More Fuel Efficient Than The Manual Equivalent

They’re Easy!

No Clutch, No Gears, No Stalling, No Fuss.

At Test Standard Sooner Than Manual!

You Take Less Time To Learn In An Automatic

Reasons To Learn Automatic…

Learning to drive can be a daunting experience but learning to drive an Automatic is just so EASY!!

  • More confidence – no stalling or rolling back on hills.

  • Less distraction – no clutch or gear stick to coordinate.

  • More time to concentrate on controlling the vehicle.

  • More time to develop judgement of speed and steering.

  • More time to concentrate on reading the road.

  • Learn faster – less to learn and remember.

  • Less tiring – better suited to town and city driving.

  • Less long term cost – need less lessons than manual .

Drew and Emma are patient, funny, friendly and encouraging. Call or text either, Drew on 07562 956933 or Emma on 07710 614718 to get on the road to success and independence.

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